There Are Also Feng Shui Taboos For The Placement Of Office Sofas, Let's Take A Look

Jan 21, 2022

The sofa is one of the common office supplies in the modern office. It can come in handy when receiving people or taking a break at noon. However, there are also feng shui taboos in the placement of office sofas. The wrong placement will not only reduce the use effect of the sofa but may also have some bad effects. Let's take a look below!

1. How to place

1. U-shape is the most common placement method of office modular sofas, suitable for any negotiation venue. At the same time, this form can maximize the use of the living room area. The layout and layout are basically the method of 3+2+1, which is convenient for colleagues and customers Sitting together to chat and negotiate, it is also convenient to read some information files.

2. The combination of L-shaped styles is rich in changes. The combination leisure sofa is suitable for use in long living rooms, or square meeting rooms facing south and north so that it can feel a lot of sunlight and break the square space. The other three-person sofa + two-person sofa is placed in an L-shaped pattern that is equal to each other on both sides, and the layout is colorful.

2. Feng Shui taboos

1. When laying out the sofa at the front door, remember not to place such objects directly in front of the door, as it is easy to attract the outside noise and affect the thoughts of conversation.

2. When placing the office sofa with a wall on the back, you should pay attention to whether there is a wall behind it. With a wall on the back, you will have no worries, and it is also conducive to prosperous wealth. Another point is that when choosing an office sofa, you should pay attention to the coordination and unity of the color, and it should not conflict with the pattern of the office. In addition, in terms of size selection, you need to consider it in advance.

Feng Shui taboos for office seating

Sitting east to west and the five elements belong to gold, choosing this position shows that the career is stable, and it is difficult to have ups and downs. Sitting in the position of looking from the north to the south, this is the meaning of being prepared for danger in times of peace, expressing the expansion of the mind and the progress at all times.

The seat in the office should not be directly facing the toilet door. A toilet is a place where filth is born, and it is dark water. The filth is full of filth, and it has a great impact on people's minds. "For a long time, people's minds are easily affected.

The seat against the wall means backing the mountain, which means that you will meet many nobles to help you, and the leaders will favor you. It is the embodiment of career fortune, it is appropriate to open up without hindrance, it is a bright meaning, the spirit is concentrated, and the road to promotion is smooth and smooth.

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