The Desk Feng Shui Decorations Are Very Particular, It Turns Out That These Things Can Attract Wealth!

Jul 21, 2021

In modern society, the knowledge of Feng Shui is gaining popularity. People not only pay special attention to the layout of their homes, but they also pay attention to the selection of Feng Shui decorations for their desks. After all, this is closely related to work. Appropriate decorations not only make the career smooth, but also Can bring unexpected wealth, let's take a look at which ornaments can help you keep going!

Lucky Cat

The meaning of the lucky cat must be self-evident. Raising your right hand represents lucky, which is also the most common thing on the desk. The essence of work is not only to reflect one's own value, but more importantly, to obtain money. Lucky cats are very popular among office white-collar workers because they are small and exquisite, cute in appearance, and beautiful in meaning. Similar to the beckoning cat, there are God of Wealth, Pai Yao, etc., which can be used on a desk.

Jin Chan

Legend has it that Jin Chan can spit money out of the mouth and is a treasure of Ruixiang. Putting it on a desk can not only gather wealth, but also ward off evil spirits. If the interpersonal relationship in the office is complicated and contradictory, you can put Jin Chan in the west of the office. It can enhance team cohesion and resolve disputes. It should be noted that Jin Chan cannot be touched by outsiders at will, so as not to lose its aura. In addition, there are certain requirements for its placement.

Green plants

The office is a place where office staff spend the longest time on weekdays, and it is also a place where wealth is gathered. In addition to choosing beautiful decorations, you can also place some green plants appropriately. Green plants can effectively relieve visual fatigue. Of course, everyone can choose according to their own needs. If you are single, you can choose a potted plant of Wang peach blossoms. If you feel that your work is not going well, or if you encounter a villain, you can place a pot of cactus on your desk. Things like Fortune Pang, Green Dill, Money Tree, etc. can all be placed on the desk, not only can absorb carbon dioxide, but also make you feel comfortable and improve work efficiency.

Proper selection and placement of desk feng shui decorations can certainly attract wealth, but there are also some things that need to be paid attention to. A little carelessness may bring about the opposite effect.

1. Don't leave fake flowers on the desk. No matter how bright and beautiful the fakes are, they are lifeless. They will not bring you wealth. On the contrary, they are very likely to bring unnecessary troubles.

2. Choose the decoration that suits you. People who belong to the horse can choose decorations such as galloping horses and immediately seal the horse. People who belong to the dragon can choose items related to the dragon. Only decorations that suit them can thrive in the future development of their careers. .

In fact, desk feng shui decorations are very particular. Many people don't pay attention to them and place them casually. They don't know that future troubles are likely to be caused by these. I hope that everyone must be cautious when choosing desk decorations in the future.

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