How To Extend The Service Life Of The Desk?

May 18, 2022

Under normal circumstances, office desks and chairs can be used for more than ten years without any problems. However, if you do not pay attention to use, it is easy to cause damage to the office chair and greatly reduce the use time. In fact, it is not impossible to extend the service life of office chairs. The following is a brief introduction.

1. Avoid direct sunlight. Try to avoid outdoor sunlight shining on all or part of the desk for a long time, place it in a place where the sun can shine, or use a bright thin curtain to block the light of the next day, which will not affect the indoor lighting and maintain the desk. Pay attention to checking the desk regularly and avoid using it again if it is damaged. If the desk is damaged, such as loose screws, if it is not detected in time, continuing to use the office cooperation under "injury" will aggravate and the entire desk will collapse.

2. Check the desk regularly. When using a desk and chair, it is inevitable that the desk surface will be stained with dust. You should first use a feather broom to clean the dust and then wipe it with a rag when dusting. Try to keep the desk away from moisture or corrosive gases and liquids. In the process of daily work, professionals recommend that the desk should be kept away from moisture and corrosive substances as much as possible, otherwise it will easily cause the surface of the desk to rot and destroy its integrity of the desk.

3. If you accidentally pour water on the desktop during work, you should immediately wipe the water off with a dry cloth to prevent water from remaining on the desktop and corroding the desk. When cleaning desks and chairs, pay attention to using a clean cloth that is not easy to remove hair. The cloth should be soft, try not to wipe with too hard or rough cloth or unclean cloth, which can effectively prevent the desk surface from being scratched or polluted twice. Be sure to wipe the table with a clean rag.

4. After cleaning or wiping, the other side should be wiped or replaced with a clean rag. If you use an unclean rag to wipe the table, it is easy to rub the dirt on the table repeatedly, but it will destroy the brightness of the table. In addition, when wiping the table, it is recommended to use a towel, cotton cloth, cotton cloth, and other absorbent fabrics to wipe the table. Coarse cloth, cloth with connecting lines at both ends, or cloth with stitches and buttons are easy to scratch the desktop, try to choose the cloth to wipe.

Therefore, it is not impossible to extend the service life of office desks and chairs. As long as you pay more attention in your daily life, you can avoid serious damage, and through regular inspection and maintenance, you can extend the life of your desk and chair.

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