How To Choose A Comfortable Office Chair

Jul 21, 2021

How to choose a comfortable office chair?

  In our work, the office chair we touch most is the office chair. With the change of traditional concepts, the significance of healthy office life is increasing, and a comfortable office chair is essential. So what issues should be paid attention to when buying an office chair?

Adjustable function

   A good office chair must not only sit comfortably, but also have a high degree of freedom in both vertical and horizontal directions. The adjustment range is relatively large. Because everyone's height and body type are different, the height of the matching table is also different. When choosing an office chair, it is best to choose an adjustable office chair. The adjustable function is mainly reflected in the height, armrests and back of the chair.

   height adjustment

  If you use it yourself, it is best to choose a liftable office chair, which is generally lifted by an air rod. The quality of the air rod is very important, so you must have a safety certification. The height adjustment of the chair The height adjustment of the office chair is carried out according to the working height of the desk. The best effect of the adjustment is that the elbows are just on the table when the body is straight, the feet are easy to be placed on a flat surface when sitting, and the angle between the thighs and the feet is kept at about 90 degrees.

   lumbar support adjustment

At present, most ergonomic office chairs have a lumbar support, which can be divided into two types: adjustable and non-adjustable, but it is best to choose a flexible and adjustable lumbar support, so that whether you are writing at the desk or relaxing, you can We play a perfect role in supporting the lumbar spine; the adjustable lumbar support position is mainly used for people of different body shapes and physiques, and can meet the needs of different groups of people for office chairs.

  Adjustment of the armrest

  In long-term office work, we need to adjust different postures to relieve the pressure of maintaining one posture for a long time. The adjustment of the armrests can reduce the pressure on the shoulders, support the strength of the upper limbs, and reduce the burden on the intervertebral disc. When adjusting the height of the armrest, it is best to let the shoulders hang down when the forearms are flat.

  The comfort of the chair

  Of course, a good chair needs to be comfortable to sit on, and the comfort of sitting varies from person to person. Height and weight have a completely different experience for chair comfort. Therefore, when choosing an office chair, it is recommended to experience the chair yourself. Basically, you need to sit comfortably. There are two main points, one is the comfort of the cushion, and the other is the comfort of the backrest.


   When we use office chairs, most of the pressure is concentrated on the hips, and part of the pressure is borne by the thighs. In order to reduce the pressure on the hip nerves and blood vessels, the cushion must conform to the curve of the human hip and thigh. The cushion must have a slope from top to bottom, from front to back, and the distance should be appropriate.

   At present, cushion materials are mainly divided into mesh cloth, mesh cotton and PU, and different materials have different characteristics. A cushion that is too flat and too hard will damage the spine, and a chair that is too soft and too thick will affect the blood circulation of the legs. A soft and breathable cushion is a better choice.


  The back of the chair is one of the most important positions in the office chair. First of all, the back of the chair must fit the human spine, distribute body weight evenly, relieve waist pressure, and eliminate pressure points and heat accumulation. Second, adjust the back of the chair. Most people take a lunch break in the office at noon. At this time, there is a backup function that allows us to have a good rest.

   It is impossible for a person's back to be straight, so the correct sitting posture should be curved. The backrest is S-shaped, which can support the waist and is consistent with the lordosis of the entire lumbar spine, so that you will not be tired after sitting for a long time. The waist of the backrest must be supported, elastic and tough. An office chair with adjustable backrest angle is ideal.

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