How Much Do You Know About Office Furniture Filing Cabinets?

Apr 06, 2022

For each office, having a suitable filing cabinet can help us store some materials well, making the office look more neat and tidy. There are many types of filing cabinets with the development of production technology. As far as file cabinet materials are concerned, there are many types for us to choose from, and file cabinets of different materials also have different characteristics.

What are the characteristics of file cabinets made of different materials?

1. Steel

The steel filing cabinet is made of a cold-rolled steel plate, and then powder electrostatic spraying, electro-galvanizing, and other processes are carried out on the surface of the cabinet. The filing cabinet of this material is environmentally friendly, non-toxic, durable, and has strong fire resistance. Most of them are simple and practical in the design of side-by-side doors, and it is a good helper for office storage.

2. Plate type

The panel filing cabinet is also a kind of wooden filing cabinet, which is made of particleboard or MDF as the surface veneer of the cabinet. Nowadays, the production process of office furniture is more and more exquisite, and the gloss and texture are all the best. Enterprise-customized panel filing cabinets have a variety of choices in veneer, color, and texture, and different choices will produce different effects.

3. Stainless steel

Stainless steel filing cabinets are resistant to corrosion, acid, and alkali, are easy to clean, have a long service life, and are highly practical. They are suitable for many industries and enterprises. This type of filing cabinet is also very popular with consumers.

4. Solid wood

The solid wood filing cabinet is made of logs, and the environmental protection performance is the best. This wooden filing cabinet gives a sense of calm and gentle luxury. Placed in the office or study, the atmosphere is natural, and the office of senior managers of enterprises often uses wooden filing cabinets. However, due to the high requirements of solid wood in the environment and temperature, such file cabinets are prone to moisture or moth-eaten.

For consumers, when choosing file cabinets, we only need to choose file cabinets of different materials according to different office environments and work needs. Office file cabinets of different materials share different decoration and use effects. Understanding the characteristics of the relevant file cabinets can also help us make better choices.

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