There is a problem with the office chair

Mar 03, 2020

The current domestic office chair problems are: lack of scientific marketing strategy. It is embodied in the lack of long-term, stable and scientific strategic guidance on marketing issues such as marketing, marketing, channel management, logistics and distribution, after-sales service, and vendor relations.

Phenomenon 1: There are many brands, disordered market competition, obvious regional characteristics, etc.

Phenomenon 2: Low-end production has become a production base for foreign companies.

Phenomenon 3: The design ability is generally low, and most can only rely on plagiarism.

Phenomenon 4: Fake and inferior products impact the market environment.

Phenomenon 5: The development of environmentally friendly chairs is not enough.

Many manufacturers produce immature technology.

At present, there are only a few professional office chair manufacturers in China, with their own design, development, and production capabilities.

Ergonomics, quality, environmental protection, and material innovation will be urgently needed to strengthen domestic furniture.

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