Office furniture-winter maintenance

Apr 15, 2020

Winter is coming, the weather is dry, the surface of office furniture is easy to discolor and crack, the use of air conditioning in winter to keep warm, office furniture products are blown by the air conditioning for a long time, it is easy to cause local dry cracking, warpage and local qualitative change of the paint film. How to maintain office furniture has become a concern for bosses and employees.

1. Avoid direct sunlight. Although the winter sun is not as intense as the summer, the long-term sunlight and the already dry climate make the wood too dry and prone to cracks and partial discoloration. Office furniture should not be placed in ventilated places such as windows, doorways, and air conditioners. For office furniture near windows, if you do not want to remove it, you must close the window curtains for a long time (the lower curtains are to prevent office furniture from being exposed to sunlight). Office furniture near the door can only be removed or closed for a long time.

2. Maintenance should be performed regularly. Under normal circumstances, you only need to wax once a quarter, so that the furniture looks shiny and the surface does not attract dust, and it is easier to clean.

3. It should not be placed in a very humid place to prevent the wood from swelling when wet, it will rot easily after a long time, and the drawer cannot be opened.

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