Office furniture-summer maintenance

Apr 17, 2020

In the hot days, the furniture is also undergoing the test of high temperature. Experts pointed out that high temperature, humid weather and indoor temperature changes caused by air conditioning will cause damage to furniture of different materials, ranging from peeling and discoloration, to expansion and deformation, so the furniture must be "heatstrokeproof" .

Wooden furniture: Strong direct sunlight, frequent temperature changes caused by frequent air conditioning, and excessively dry and humid environments can cause damage, deformation, cracking, and swelling to wooden furniture, especially traditional mahogany furniture. It has a lot of carvings, basically without the treatment of moisture content, it is easier to expand and contract. Experts pointed out that, whether it is solid wood furniture or synthetic materials, special attention must be paid to the changes in indoor temperature and humidity in summer and the damage caused by strong light.

It is recommended to adjust the placement of the furniture: away from the air-conditioning blower, avoid direct sunlight, it is best to close the curtains at noon when the sunlight is strongest. In addition, apply a layer of wax on the drawer, the edge of the sliding door and the bottom slide to prevent the difficulty of opening and closing due to expansion; put some hygienic balls in a humid place to effectively prevent insects from eating.

Leather furniture: Leather furniture loses its luster and deforms if exposed to long periods of exposure. In summer, people tend to sweat, and the pores of leather furniture can absorb sweat and easily produce odor.

So in summer, wipe with a rag frequently, and regularly use professional cleaning and care products for maintenance; do not put the sofa in direct sunlight and air-conditioned rooms to keep it dry; also avoid the mold on the bottom of the sofa caused by rain, wet floors, etc. .

Fabric sofa: Factors such as hot sun exposure, temperature changes, and pet damage will discolor the original dry and comfortable fabric furniture and breed a lot of bacteria. Regarding the maintenance of cloth sofas, experts said: "It is best to use a vacuum cleaner or a brush to remove the dust on the sofa. It is best to lay a waterproof sofa cushion and wash it frequently."

Rattan furniture: Place rattan furniture in a hot, dry place, which is easy to crack. Humid and sultry weather also tends to breed mold between the crevices of the rattan. Therefore, avoid direct sunlight on the rattan furniture to prevent the discoloration and drying of the rattan material; do not place it too close to the heat source to avoid deformation, bending, or cracking; pay attention to indoor ventilation and wipe the rattan furniture regularly with a damp cloth; When the tide is wet, avoid contacting the ground with water.

In addition, rattan furniture will become dirty after using it for a period of time, and it needs to be cleaned in time. It can be wiped with light salt water, which can not only decontaminate but also maintain flexibility, and has the effect of insect control.

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