Office furniture repair small scratches

Apr 07, 2020

For veneer furniture and solid wood furniture, repairing them is very simple: just buy a wax strip in your local store and try to choose the color that best matches the color of your wood. As long as you will color the scratches, your job is done. Wax will help you protect your furniture from all kinds of attacks, and its color can also hide scratches. Then wax this part of the furniture again, making sure that the wax is covered with scratches and not applied to bare wood. The trick is to ensure that enough colored wax is used to fill in the scratches and reshape the plane. When you wax furniture, ordinary wax does not block scratches (it also creates a white mark). If you want to do it, you need to spend some time and practice more so that it can be successfully waxed and covered with scratches.

Or wash furniture or tabletop with boiling water, put high-concentration alcohol, banana water and fresh boiling water and other hot things to prevent damage to the paint.

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