Office furniture purchase suggestions

Mar 15, 2020


Before purchasing, you should measure the size and size of your office, and then conceive of the indoor flat structure and feng shui format according to the company's corporate culture, operating methods and business needs, so that the size of the furniture matches the area and height of the office. To prevent office furniture from failing to meet demand after it is built.

Ning Que Wu Wu

Office furniture is not a consumable item. When buying, you should respond to the principle of “Never lack or overdose”. If you ca n’t fill your office, you should purchase it according to the needs of the application. The area of office furniture should not be exceeded. 50% of the indoor area is better.

Solid and durable

Requires high quality, veritable, robust and reliable. If it is pure wooden furniture, pay attention to its water content can not exceed 12%, it is best to buy tenon joint structure instead of nail gun assembly. The office furniture must be straight and straight, the diagonal lines must be consistent, the floor should be stable, the hardware components should be strong, and the doors and drawers should be sensitive to open. The office furniture made of leather must be smooth, free of bubbles, cracks and tight joints.

Consistent style

The style, style, and color should be consistent and harmonious, with some changes in detail. The selection of office furniture must have attention to "color and taste", and must be common with the company's civilization and business nature.

Reserved space

Longing for change is a psychology that is common among modern people, as is the installation of offices and the purchase of furniture. An office is decorated beautifully and luxuriously, but as time goes by, this novelty and beauty will also weaken. Therefore, the furniture in the office should not be placed too full. To leave room for adjusting the status of the furniture, it is recommended to choose office furniture that can be adjusted by movement to facilitate the space for future adjustment. It is recommended to choose office furniture that can be adjusted in order to facilitate the space for future adjustment.

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