Office furniture injury

Apr 20, 2020

Poor office furniture may directly or indirectly affect physical health or even harm the body. Under such a situation, work efficiency will naturally decrease, and in severe cases, work efficiency may not be at all. Below, we have collected a series of common office furniture Injury situation:

Steel office furniture, which is not formed by mould, tends to have sharp burrs on some inner and outer edges, which can easily scratch the human body and clothing.

The outer edges of office furniture that may be touched by the human body should be designed to be smooth, otherwise it will cause collisions with the human body and easily cause unnecessary injuries.

The color of office furniture should not be too dazzling, otherwise it may cause visual fatigue.

For combined or stacked office furniture, there must be a stable combination device, otherwise it is easy to collapse and cause harm to the human body when touched or earthquake.

The drawers of office furniture should have an automatic dark card device when they are not locked, and they will not be damaged by being dumped during an earthquake or moving.

Office furniture drawers are best equipped with slide rails and locking devices, so that when the drawer is opened and closed, it is very smooth and effortless, and the drawer will not fall and hurt the foot when the load is fully pulled out.

If the office furniture has a hidden road network design, special attention should be paid to the space of the trunking, the carrying capacity, the insulation in contact with the body, etc., otherwise it will cause the electric current to heat and cause fire.

The stability of the screen furniture is very important, so as not to shake, it will cause hanging items to be scattered due to collision, resulting in human injury.

When using glass furniture or screens, it is best to use safety glass. The edge treatment should be relatively smooth or sealed, otherwise it will hurt people.

In a cabinet equipped with wheels that can move, more than two of the four wheels must have a brake device, otherwise it may cause sliding and hurt people.

The design of the leg space of the desk must be sufficient. If it is too limited, it will easily cause the legs to bend and affect the blood circulation of the legs, causing leg paralysis and fatigue.

The height of the table and chairs should meet the standard. The height of the average Chinese table is 74-76 cm, and the difference between the chairs is large. If the height is not standard, it will cause an incorrect sitting posture and affect the health of the body.

It is best to adjust the angle of the keyboard or VDT for the furniture on which the computer is placed. It is less likely to cause incorrect posture and affect health.

Mobility cabinets, such as mobile storage cabinets, must have anti-braking devices, otherwise they will cause injury during an earthquake.

Because the chair is mobile and load-bearing furniture, its structure and all components must be quite strong, otherwise the consequences will be unimaginable if there is a break.

When choosing a chair, choose a five-prong foot with a large base area (five-paw is 25% larger than the four-paw).

Choose a chair designed to match the waist size curve of the human body to prevent the waist and spine from deforming and hurting the body.

The edge of the chair leg and the outer edge of the chair body should be smooth or contain soft accessories, so as not to harm the human body.

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