Office furniture industry revolution

Mar 24, 2020


Nowadays, the domestic network is popularizing rapidly. After the economic crisis, more and more small and medium-sized enterprises have seen the upgrade of the network sales era, and more and more industries such as home appliances, education, office, and information have joined in. This includes office furniture. In 2007, we specifically analyzed the current status of e-commerce in China's office furniture.

First: The office furniture industry is a product that covers more products and has greater demand, but it is not a bulk commodity. There are many types of products, ranging from dozens of types to hundreds of types. There are more than 100 types of products alone, not to mention one variety. Under the model, so these factors have caused office furniture to be more difficult in network promotion and marketing, and the previous workload is relatively large.

Second: Competition between manufacturers and promotion platforms is extremely fierce.

Third: Different regions in China have different models, and the gap is relatively large. For example, the coastal region started earlier and developed faster. The mainland started late. Without a comprehensive promotion and sales strategy, it is difficult to integrate large markets across the country, resulting in waste of resources.

Fourth: The society lacks network marketing talents. It is in the analysis of the graduates of colleges and universities and undergraduate colleges in 2007. No professional knowledge and no work experience. Few people are enthusiastic about this industry. There are many, but most of them are messy, lack of systematicness, usually neglected in management, and network marketing is in its infancy. These aspects still need to be improved by enterprises, and some qualified personnel must be recruited.

Fifth: Office furniture is mainly aimed at enterprises, institutions, institutions, and large-volume orders. This category of people rarely have the habit of searching for related information online, and they are more inclined to the traditional shopping model, unlike electronic products. , Jewelry and other products for young people, although there are competitive pressures, but not as hard as office furniture.

Sixth: In terms of distribution, when it comes to e-commerce comes good logistics. If you want to do a good job in e-commerce, it is impossible without a good logistics service. For office furniture, logistics is even more important because The threshold for commodities such as office furniture is relatively low, there are many manufacturers, and the market is mainly concentrated in the local area. To develop foreign customers, the only consideration is to build factories and logistics providers. The formation of a high-quality logistics team is very important for the distribution of goods .

Seventh: There are many types of office furniture products, but the style and color are relatively single, which cannot meet the needs of individual groups. Developers of new types of furniture need to work harder. The important thing is that 2007 is the buyer's market, and products must follow the times The form is in line with the preferences of most people. To gradually eliminate the products that lag behind the market, as an enterprise CEO, we should think far, and grasp the biggest trend, in order to achieve long-term development of the enterprise.

Eighth: With China's accession to the WTO and the openness of multi-foreign trade, some foreign office brands have gradually flowed to the domestic market, because in some countries in Europe and America, such industries started earlier than China, and the technology and management are relatively mature, forming an industrial chain. It is also a huge impact on China's industry.

In short, there is no hard-to-do business in the world. You must insist on engaging in online sales. You need to take a long-term view, do your best to stick to it, work hard to innovate, and constantly adapt to the market. Only by innovating, you may not be eliminated. The furniture industry can certainly figure out its own set of promotion and sales strategies in the future.


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