Office furniture dust

Apr 03, 2020

Of the furniture manufacturing cost, 1/3 is used for color and decoration procedures. In order to protect the furniture painting, please ensure that you often remove dust. Even a thin layer of dust can actually form cracks on the surface of the furniture, eventually exposing the internal wood, making the wood more vulnerable to damage. You can use a soft cloth (don't use a wet one) to gently wipe the surface of the furniture and remove the dust along the wood grain instead of flapping it into the air, which will let them fall back to the surface of the furniture. Avoid using multi-purpose cleaners, they are not specifically designed for high-quality furniture surface coating, but used on more durable surfaces, such as plastic and enamel. It is very beneficial to use newly invented special rags to wipe furniture, because they are specially designed for furniture dust removal, which can collect dust and hair, not just push the dust away from the wood, because they will come back soon .


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