Office furniture buying tips

Mar 25, 2020

The choice of office furniture is very important, not only know the size of the office furniture factory but also need to consider the trade-offs from their own company. Office furniture through the years of sales of office furniture from buyers to understand the real needs of consumers demand office furniture, in order to recommend the following tips for consumers to buy office furniture.

First: Before buying, you should measure the size and area of your office, and then conceive of the indoor layout and feng shui layout according to the company's culture, operation mode and business needs. Make the size of the furniture coincide with the area and height of the office to avoid the office furniture failing to meet the needs after it is built.

Second: Require high-quality goods at real prices, strong and reliable. If it is pure wooden furniture, pay attention to its water content can not exceed 12%, it is best to buy tenon joint structure instead of nail gun assembly. Office furniture must be square, the diagonals must be consistent, the floor should be stable, the hardware components should be firm, and the doors and drawers should be flexible to open. The surface of the office furniture made of leather must be smooth, free of bubbles, cracks and tight joints.

Third: Office furniture is not a consumable item, and the principle of "Never lack anything" should be adhered to when purchasing. If the office cannot be packed, it should be purchased according to the needs of use. The area of office furniture should not exceed 50% of the indoor area. The styles, styles and tones should be uniform and very matched, but vary in detail. The selection of office furniture must have attention to "color and taste", and must be in line with the company's culture and business nature.

Fourth: yearning for change is a common consumer psychology of modern people, and so is office layout and office furniture purchase. An office is beautifully and luxuriously decorated, but as time goes on, this freshness and beauty will also diminish. Therefore, the furniture in the office should not be placed too full. To allow room for adjusting the position of the furniture, it is recommended to choose the office furniture that can be adjusted in order to facilitate the future adjustment space.


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